USA Theme Parks: 3 Amazing Hidden Spots to Go By Car

How do you imagine an ideal vacation with children? Still haven’t decided? For example, you can enjoy a beach holiday, or go to the children’s museum. Of course, you will also be happy to pick up Rental24h 10 passenger car rental and go to one of the theme parks. 

The USA has a huge number of theme parks for any taste. You have probably heard of or have been to Disney Parks, Legolands, or Universal Studios resorts. They are all very popular but the world of US theme parks doesn’t end there. 

If you rent a car you will find many other interesting places for a great family vacation. The following lesser-known amusement parks are ready to give you incredible emotions and a good mood!

Six Flags Over Texas

Batman: The Ride | Located at Six Flags Over Texas, Arlingto… | Michael  Wallace | Flickr

The famous amusement park in America was built in the sixties in Arlington, Texas. Getting there by rental car will take less than 20 minutes, as it’s located just 20 miles from downtown Dallas. 

Six Flags Over Texas became the first park of its kind and a model for the construction of such family parks in the United States. The park invites children and adults to experience about a hundred rides, visit themed areas, try out entertainments, say hello and take pictures with well-known characters. 

  • The following rides are especially popular with visitors:
  • Batman: The Ride – an inverted roller coaster;
  • Titan – ride with maximum rotating loop;
  • Skyscreamer – officially the highest carousel on the planet;
  • The Texas giant – a wooden roller coaster.
File:SFOT-La Vibora.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

A few years ago, a new children’s entertainment appeared in the park – its name is ‘Batman: The Ride Backwards’. The park invites adults and older children on the most spectacular flight in the entire United States – with a flight through a cave and a loop. Kids won’t leave the park offended, as there are separate entertainments for them with Bugs Bunny and his best friends. Your kids will enjoy dozens of rides collected at the Bugs Bunny Boomtown location.

Cedar Point

File:Cedar Point maXair (9547657323).jpg

The park located on a spit near Lake Erie is considered to be the oldest complex in Ohio, and maybe the whole United States. Americans began to have fun and rest there in the 19th century, having founded a fashionable resort near the town of Sandusky. Cleveland is the closest city where you can pick up a rental car to get to the park – the total distance from there is 65 miles. 

Cedar Point is America’s leader in the number of rides concentrated in a small area. The entertainment options are balanced, with the rides not only for adults, but for children of different ages. 

Travelers especially note the following roller coasters: 

  • Millennium Force
  • Top Thrill Dragster
  • Magnum XL-200. 
File:Corkscrew (Cedar Point) 01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The park is full of roller coasters, but there are also water attractions, including wave rides. Inside there’s another entertainment complex called Challenge Park. Remember that it requires a separate ticket for children and accompanying adults. 

The park will offer several lifts that quickly carry passengers up to 46 meters, as well as pendulum rides swinging at high speed to the same height. Children will like go-karting by the lakes, while adults will play golf on the fields. You can relax in a regular or indoor water park.


The Boardwalk in Hersheypark | Hersheypark Hershey PA August… | Flickr

The park was founded by the Hershey’s chocolate maker, near the town of the same name in Pennsylvania. You will definitely need to rent a car to get to it quickly and without fuss. The trip by rental car from Baltimore or Philadelphia will take not more than 2 hours. 

Hersheypark is a family park, focused on children’s rest, and suitable even for the smallest visitors. This is another place with US history dating back to the 19th century. The picturesque hills were once a favorite spot for family picnics. 

The park is divided into nine zones offering numerous amazing entertainments. You get access to a total of seven dozen roller coasters, carousels, and a Ferris wheel. In the separate part of the park you’ll also find water activities with steep slides. There’s a children’s playground if your little adventurers get tired of the rides. 

Sidewinder Rollercoaster Hershey Park | Sidewinder Rollercoa… | Flickr

You can stay with children right inside the complex by booking a hotel room. The only negative is that the park entertains children only in spring and summer, but opens for school holidays and again on Halloween.

Theme parks are what your children need to really have fun. In addition, there will be something to do not only for children but also for their parents. The USA has hundreds of amusement parks across the country. As a rule, they are located at a distance from large cities due to their large occupied area. Therefore, a rental car is the best way to get to the desired location.

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